Reframing Life with DebSoc

  • By Uddeshya Harsh
  • April 06, 2020
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It's the dream of every student to discover all the things that they were not allowed in school, isn't it? I used to belong to this 'group of discoveres'. So, I'm Uddeshya Harsh, the ex-technical head of DebSoc, The Debating Society. Since I'm more towards the technological field and hence completed my graduation in the discipline of BCA.

Now coming to the discovery part; the first day of my college is unforgettable because sometimes it hurts when expectations doesn't meet reality and in BIT LALPUR co-ed was the sad reality. With this one harsh reality, I discovered that my college life has been trapped and there's no way out.

After a couple of days there came the 'Red Army'; the studented all dressed in a Red T-shirt and the logo which read 'DebSoc'. The most important point was it was a co-ed group. Alas! I discovered the chances to survive my college life. I gave my inductions and PI and nade into the team.

It is the best thing that I have discovered my entire life. The seniors are the most interactive and helpful creature that you will find at DebSoc. They not only lead you but also helps to interact with the actual work culture. Being a part of DebSoc I've discoverd my potential to lead the troop and has enhanced my technical spirit. There are various occassions when you will get the chance to go on an outing with the family and trust me you might have never witnessed the fun that you'll have with DebSoc. According to me it's not a society but a family that helps you transform into a leader and boosts your skills. If you really want to discover your abilities DebSoc is for you. Break out if your shell!

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Uddeshya Harsh


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