• By Paprja Apurvam
  • November 19, 2019
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Manliness , What exactly our mind reflects when we hear this word? Strength, strong, power, gentleman , hard core body and how can we forget the famous 8packs abs? According to a survey-

1.Growing up, 57 percent of the men we surveyed believed that “being a man” meant being physically tough.

2.Men are most likely to feel guilty about their health and diet (46 percent).

3.41 percent compare their bodies to other men. 23 percent in the 25-29 age group say they do this constantly.

4.45 percent are insecure about their weight. 

But have we ever wondered what exactly manliness word refers too?

The traditional male quality of being brave and strong. And by brave and strong I dont mean a person who just keeps on bullying people for no reason instead a man who has enough strength to protect the people he cares about. Brave enough to help the weak and acccept his emotions. Now a days, people have misunderstood and mixed the real meaning and their so called 'fascination' meaning of being strong. Aren't we all aware with the trend of having 6/8 packs abs? Those rock solid hard body? But is that really what defines manliness? The person who is having a gymmer body is strong and normal non-fitness freak body is much more treated like a loser? Well, let's hit the fact. The actual person who can be called a man is the one who is well mannered and know his limits. The one who can be respected and should give respect too. I am not against body building but the only thing I am disagreeing to is the fact that strong and gymmer body is the actual manliness because its not. There are many whose body would be much more like a sculpture but the least they could show is some respect to society. Bullying, hitting, violence is what they fancies. What's the point of having such a fit body if you cant even show some etiquette and politeness. Developing some manners and self control can help in adding points to a good body and same can decrease too.

We live in a society where people are influenced more from whats on this screen. But nobody cares about to know the reality of the person behind the same screen. Have you ever wondered what kind of a person your dream body achiever is in real life? That person might be a bully and would be around hurting people in some way. Would he still be your "role model"? No, right? So isn't that simple to accept and this is the fact and main gist that what matters more is the etiquette and manners of a man. A man with a good body and manners is definitely a gem but a man without a "body " but manners and respect is no less than a gem too.

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